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Student Board

As an organization that serves both students and the community at large, FIUTS depends on student engagement in executing its mission. The FIUTS Student Board is an elected group of student leaders who support our work on campus and represent the student perspective as voting members of the Board of Trustees. In addition to serving as Board Members, The Student Board produces events, takes part in ongoing leadership development, and provides strategic leadership to the staff and organization.

The FIUTS Student Board is a year-long student leadership team composed of 8-14 members. The Student Board serves a unique and important role within FIUTS, including:

  • Leading by example in advocating for FIUTS values of peace, celebration of diversity, dialogue, engagement, and community service
  • Representing the voice of the FIUTS community and promoting FIUTS to the UW campus and to greater Seattle
  • Planning and carrying out two major annual events: CulturalFest and Global Gala
  • Working with FIUTS staff to lead other FIUTS events during the year (including International Student Orientation events and ongoing events and activities)
  • Serving as part of the FIUTS Board of Trustees (6 voting members are indicated by asterisk (*) below)
  • Being active stewards of the organization by: 1) Assuring its ongoing viability, vitality, and fiscal strength; 2) Acting as custodians of the organization’s mission statement and strategic plan; and 3) Adhering to the FIUTS Code of Ethics and serving the best interests of FIUTS, fairly and impartially.

Be a global leader at the University of Washington!
Learn more about joining the FIUTS Student Board.

Current FIUTS Student Board Members (2014-2015):

Name: Sunita Yang*
Position: President
Country of Origin: China
Field of Study: Communication, Asian Studies
Interests: Travel, Music, Handmade sewing
Food you relish: Thai, Indian, Sushi, Mexican, Kimchi...
Dream Job: International trade while got to travel all around!
Favorite Movie: 500 days of summer
Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Janponessa

Name: Clara Lu
Position: Vice President
Country of Origin: China
Field of Study: Pre-health
Interests: Travel, Photography, Tango, Cuisine, and Movies
Food you relish: Sashimi, Tofu soup, and basically everything...
Dream Job: Doctor without border
Favorite Movie: Pride and prejudice
Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Tilth

Name: Limenglin Allan Cai*
Position: Treasurer, orientation co-chair
Country of Origin: China
Field of Study: Business Administration and Psychology
Interests: Culinary arts, Health, fishing, sommelier, travelling, scuba diving, skydiving; anything that causes Adrenaline Rush
Food you relish: Dessert, Mexican, and much more!
Dream Job: Any position that not only tailors to my interests, but also adds value to society
Favorite Movie: Ironman
Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Canlis
Name: Thilini Kahandawaarachchi
Position: GPSS rep / Cultural Fest co-chair
Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
Field of Study: International Studies
Interests: Travel, photography, snorkelling

Name: Kasey Rackowitz*
Position: Global Gala Co-Chair
Country of Origin: USA
Field of Study: Asian Studies
Interests: Travel, eating, writing, reading, hiking
Food you relish: Indonesian, Indian, Thai, fast food
Dream Job: Anthony Bourdain's job
Favorite Movie: Treasure Planet
Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Jewel of India

Name: Xintong Yan
Position: Global Gala Co-Chair
Country of Origin: China
Field of Study: mathemetics and economics
Interests: Art, salsa(Lain dance), design
Food you relish: Authentic Chinese food
Name: Andrew Northrup
Position: Marketing Co-Chair
Country of Origin: USA
Field of Study: International Studies
Interests: Rock Climbing, Language studies, and farming
Food you relish: Chicken and Waffles
Dream Job: Marketing for Small batch Fair Trade coffee farm
Favorite Movie: City of God
Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Ezell's

Name: Agnes Lee
Position: Marketing Co-Chair
Country of Origin: South Korea
Field of Study: Communication, International Studies
Interests: Music (edm/trance, piano), Travel, Shopping
Food you relish: Sushi
Dream Job: CNN anchor
Favorite Movie: Law Abiding Citizen
Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Musashi's
Name: Minhtu Nguyen*
Position: Performance co-chair
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Field of Study: Biology
Interests: Dancing and travelling
Food you relish: Sushi
Dream Job: Software engineer
Favorite Movie: Skyfall
Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Tavolata

Name: Denná Good-Mojab
Position: Booths Co-Chair
Country of Origin: US (Half Iranian)
Field of Study: Music
Interests: Music (listening, singing, piano), dance, being outside
Food you relish: Dessert, pizza, Iranian food, Japanese food, just food :)
Dream Job: Singer
Favorite Movie: don't have one, I love movies
Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Thrive or Subway

Name: Joey Liao (Yunyi)*
Position: ASUW Rep
Country of Origin: China
Field of Study: Communication;Education
Interests: Sports,travel,people,cooking,music
Food you relish: Every food is nice(eatable)
Dream Job: NGO working worldwide.
Favorite Movie: mehhh
Favorite Seattle Restaurant: TACO TACO TACO BELL


Name: Xinyuan Shen (John)
Position: Orientation Co-Chair
Country of Origin: China
Field of Study: Landscape Architecture
Interests: Photography, Basketball, Travel
Food you relish: Chinese food from my hometown
Dream Job: CEO of an international design studio
Favorite Movie: 3 Idiots
Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Jade Garden

Name: Yanran Zheng*
Position: Leadership Chair
Country of Origin: China
Field of Study: Mathematics & Statistics
Interests: Music (violin, symphony), Travel
Food you relish: Everything lol
Dream Job: Doctor
Favorite Movie: Before Sunset

Name: Smita Ravale
Position: Multimedia Chair
Country of Origin: India
Field of Study: Information Management
Interests: Travel, Shopping, Hiking, Cooking
Food you relish: Mexican and I love Chipotle
Dream Job: Always Wanted to be a doctor. But hey I am an engineer now.
Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Cedars

Name: Le Huang (Juliet)
Position: Wednesday Lunch Chair;
CulturalFest Booth Co-chair
Country of Origin: China
Field of Study: Psychology; Art History
Interests: Reading, Acting
Food you relish: super spicy Hunan cuisine
Dream Job: Actress; Art History professor
Favorite Movie: Tristan and Isolde; Becoming Jane
Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Boiling Point
Name: Abigail Lim
Position: Secretary
Country of Origin: Singapore
Field of Study: Psychology; Anthropology
Interests: Crafts, photography, piano (though I'm not that good), shopping (THIS I am good at), music, certain tv series, travel, horses
Food you relish: Dim Sum, sushi, Thai food, Singaporean food, DESSERTS; I'm usually game for anything!
Dream Job: Psychologist - helping people through counselling while changing the world with groundbreaking and revolutionary research! I really wanted to be an actress at some point of time in my life though.
Favorite Movie: Where do I start?!

Name: Koki Yamada
Position: IELP Representative
Country of Origin: Japan
Field of Study: Business Marketing
Interests: Soccer, Baseball, Traveling, Board game, Cooking
Food you relish: Indonesian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese food
Dream Job: Any jobs I can work with people from all over the world
Favorite Movie: Comedy
Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Pho, Frozen Yogurt

Be a global leader at the UW. Learn more about joining the FIUTS Student Board.

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