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Join the 2017-18 Student Board

Posted by Amy Bergstrom at Mar 14, 2017 11:20 AM |
Current members share their motivations for joining the Student Board, what they have gained from the experience, how they became a family away from home, and why you should apply!

Current members share their motivations for joining the Student Board, what they have gained from the experience, and why you should apply!

Saki Uwagawa, CulturalFest Performance Co-Chair

Being a part of FIUTS Student Board has provided me with countless opportunities to grow and pushed me to take them. With dedicated members and supportive staff, there really isn’t another community that feels so much like family away from home.

Diana Park, CulturalFest Expo Co-Chair

I realized that I could learn SO much from serving as a Student Board member in a year, and also it is inspiring to observe others to grow as strong leaders. Most of all, the whole FIUTS community will be your new family.

Wenting Liu, Education Programs Chair

Joining the FIUTS SB is one of the biggest pleasures of my college life. Here you work with the most amazing and talented students at UW and you exchange ideas with them. It is always inspiring to learn from these fantastic people. Additionally, it is one of the best opportunities on campus that you can learn about how a non-profit functions. Hope that you can join this awesome family! Good luck!

Alissa Mustre, Student Programs Co-Chair

Joining the Student Board for the first time in 2015 was amazing. I got to meet extraordinary humans from whom I learned so much in terms of culture, values, education, passion, and more. It's an incredible opportunity that I would definitely recommend if you want to gain more leadership experience as well as a little family.

Kyki Li, CulturalFest Performance Co-Chair

FIUTS Student Board is a unique place where personal growth is fostered through the process of multidimensional collaboration -- from the staff, Student Board members, community members, to FIUTS facilitators and students, everyone is collaborating with one another to work for a collective goal. And being a Student Board member not only means that one is at the core of this dynamic chain of collaboration, but one also gets to be the initiator, who can catch on the spark of an idea, and use the support provided in the community to start making the change one wants to see, right here, right now, with FIUTS. How cool is that?

Tiffany Le, Secretary

If you are looking for a dynamic team, unforgettably challenging experience, and a culturally competent environment, you're in the right and only place. You will learn a lot, for sure. BUT, that is not what makes the FIUTS Student Board special. For me, it is the chance to have lifetime best friends that makes FIUTS unique. AND, you know, meetings are not that boring like you always thought. We have food.

Sarah Duncan, ASUW Representative

The Student Board is an amazing opportunity to grow as a leader and practice your cross-cultural communication skills. You get to work with an incredible group of students and staff, learn more about yourself as a leader, and implement some fantastic programs for students around campus. It's been the most fun learning experience of my college career, and I can't recommend it highly enough!

Michelle Yan, Student Programs Co-Chair

Joining the Student Board is one of the best experiences I’ve had at UW. I love the sense of community and family we have here. Throughout the year, you would get to work with amazing people with various backgrounds and perspectives and have fun at the same time. I highly recommend it!

Join us! Applications are open until April 3!

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