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Meeting Pen Pals in Person

Students from the University of Washington and White Center Heights Elementary met and learned from each other through the FIUTS Pen Pal Program.
Meeting Pen Pals in Person

Pen Pal Helen holds up a picture and card from her student

"I really enjoyed participating in the Pen Pal program that was organized by FIUTS. Getting to know my pen pals was a very rewarding experience. As an aspiring curriculum coordinator that enjoys working with kids, I highly recommend this program to all students who want to build their communication skills." -Bader Al Farhan, UW sophomore from Kuwait

On Wednesday, December 5, 45 University of Washington students and 67 fifth grade students from White Center Heights Elementary School met each other in person for the first time after several weeks of writing letters back and forth as part of the Pen Pal Program. They gathered together at the monthly FIUTS Wednesday Lunch to play games, share stories, and learn more about each other's lives and cultures.

Here's what one UW student from China, Natalie Ding, had to say about the experience:

"It was so great to be a pen pal with those adorable kids. The first time I got their letters I know this will be one of the best things I will have done. Alan and Christopher have so much passion about life and their dreams. It was so cool to know what they want to do in the future and what they are interested in. Every letter they sent to me allowed me to know more about them. It was adorable that those kids told you what fun things they had done recently. Also, it was great to share something about my country and cultures with them.

Natalie_Pen Pal

Natalie with her pen pals

"It was absolutely great to meet those kids in person. The moment that I showed up I could see how happy they were from their shining eyes and smiles. That made me so happy! We played a spelling game together, and Alan helped me a lot with the spelling! (It was a little bit embarrassing that an elementary school kid know even more vocabulary than I do! Lol). It was also so nice to see that they love to share and help each other.

"Lastly, I just want to say…. I  LOVE THOSE ADORABLE KIDS!!"


Thank you to Natalie and to all the Pen Pals for the most successful program yet! For more information on how to get involved in FIUTS Education Outreach programs, click here or contact Tom.

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