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Welcome Spring Interns!

Posted by bea at Apr 14, 2016 12:00 PM |
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FIUTS is very excited to have three new friendly faces at the front desk! Read about their Taylor Swift obsessions, love for cooking, and why they're excited to be our Spring quarter interns!

FIUTS is very excited to have three new friendly faces at the front desk, returning emails, answering phone calls, working on events and activities, and greeting walk-ins. Alissa, Aimme, and Jiaojiao are our interns this quarter and you will see them around! Here they are, introducing themselves to our community:





Name: Alissa Mustre

Hometown: Mexico

Year: Sophomore

Major: Law, Societies, and Justice

About me: Hi! My name is Alissa and I'm an international student from the beautiful country of Mexico. My favorite things in life are eating, reading, exploring Seattle, feminism, peanut butter, and Taylor Swift. I'm also very passionate about human and animal rights, which is why I'm vegan and want to pursue a career as a human rights defender. My dream job is to work at the UN and Amnesty International. Some of my other dreams include travelling the world, which I feel like I can do here at FIUTS since I get to meet people from everywhere! Stop by the office and say hi! :)






Name: Yaxu “Aimme” Zhang

Hometown: Beijing, China

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

About me: I am an 8th-year international student from Beijing, China. I first stepped into the U. S. as a high school student in 2008. After finishing high school in Oregon, I moved to Seattle in 2012 and started my undergraduate career at the University of Washington.

I have been a facilitator since freshman year and was an ambassador for SUSI last summer. In the past 4 years, FIUTS has provided me an enormous amount of opportunities to engage in local and global communities.

Through FIUTS, I have not only fostered countless meaningful relationships with students and scholars from all over the world, but have also obtained a more complete picture of what a respected leader looks like. FIUTS has helped me to understand that a good leader is someone who recognizes, appreciates, and learns from people who are different from them in values, culture, and background.

As I finish my last quarter here at the UW, I am excited to be challenged as an intern and continue to grow with FIUTS. More importantly, I am ready to have some fun and create life-long memories with everyone! So yeah, come by the office for all the exciting events that we have! I am excited to meet every one of you! :)

PS: I’m always down for hiking or cooking!


Name: Jiaojiao Zheng

Hometown: Chengdu, China

Year: Graduate Student

Major: Leadership in Higher Education

About me: My name is Jiaojiao Zheng, a second-year graduate student at the UW. I am an international student from China, and currently studying Leadership in Higher Education. Before I came to the U.S., I completed my bachelor's degree (Teaching Chinese as the second Language) in Beijing Normal University. During my undergraduate, I was selected to be a teaching assistant of Basic Chinese Language Course for foreign students in our university as well as a language partner for them. Working with the international students provided me with a sense of accomplishment and content, which drives me to become an intern in FIUTS, but the most important reason is that being involved in the activities and events at FIUTS last quarter gave me the opportunities to make new friends with different cultural background, which to a large extent, I hope to meet folks from different countries here in FIUTS office, and will do the best to serve both domestic students and international students with my enthusiasm and passion.

Traveling, cooking, and learning different languages are the top three things I'm passionate about in life (outside study and work). I came from Chengdu located in the southwest China, which is one of the most popular tourism cities in Asia. My hometown is known for Sichuan food, hotpot, home of panda, and so on. Another thing about me, I am a huge fan of cooking (no matter it's western or eastern food).

As a member of FIUTS office for this quarter, I am looking forward to meeting you here and seeing your smiling faces!

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