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Become a FIUTS Facilitator

Learn about how to make a difference as a FIUTS facilitator.

Are you interested in helping new international students adjust to life in Seattle? Fostering international awareness? Building your leadership skills and your resume? Sharing your culture with others? Making friends with fascinating students and community members from around the globe? Join the FIUTS team as a FIUTS Facilitator!

Facilitator Application:

Click HERE to fill out the facilitator application online. Facilitator application forms are also available for download here & in the FIUTS office (HUB 206). Once you submit an application, please attend one of our regularly scheduled New Facilitator Orientations. Scheduled New Facilitator Orientations are located on our Event Calendar tagged in purple.

Who is eligible?

FIUTS welcomes student volunteers with all skill levels and backgrounds. Facilitators can be any UW student, domestic or international, graduate or undergraduate.

How do I become a FIUTS Facilitator?

Complete a facilitator application (also available in the FIUTS office), submit it to the FIUTS office (HUB 206), and attend one of our regularly scheduled New Facilitator Orientation training sessions. New Facilitator Orientations take place twice each academic quarter (typically during Weeks 4 and 5); more details regarding the dates, times, and locations of these sessions are available on the FIUTS calendar.

We are always accepting applications- there is no deadline to apply, but you MUST attend ONE New Facilitator Orientation session in order to become a FIUTS Facilitator. If you miss out on getting trained this quarter, please know that you can attend any session scheduled throughout the year.

What is the Commitment?

Facilitators are expected to facilitate at least once a quarter so that you stay active in the FIUTS community. If you are inactive for one year you will need to attend another New Facilitator Orientation. The hours that you can serve are flexible (you choose the events that you facilitate), but volunteers are expected to keep their commitments.

What do FIUTS Facilitators do?

Facilitators are an important part of the FIUTS mission and truly make a difference in the lives of many. There are a wide-range of types of facilitating opportunities!

Examples of Opportunities for FIUTS Facilitators

Events and Activities: Lead local activities that help students to experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest while facilitating interaction among the group. Activities range from BBQs to hiking to overnight getaways to nearby locations like Portland and the Olympic Peninsula. With over 200 events each year, there is sure to be something that you are interested in. See our event calendar for upcoming events.

UW International Student Orientation: Welcome new international students to Seattle and UW at the international Orientation at the beginning of each quarter. Assist with welcome activities, event logistics, outings, and transition support. Pay forward the hospitality you were shown and give the new students a warm welcome.

Education Programs: Meet local schoolchildren and their teachers and introduce them to your country to help foster the next generation of globally minded leaders while improving your public speaking skills. Bring your home culture or study abroad experience alive for local kids by becoming a pen pal or sharing your culture in the classroom.

Wednesday Lunch: Meet hundreds of internationals and like-minded Americans at our monthly free lunch gathering. Help prepare and serve food for the event, greet and socialize with visitors, or clean up.

Weekly Conversation Groups: Work with English language learners and those who wish to discuss various topics with people from around the globe in a casual, non-judgmental environment. Culture Conversation Group and English Conversation Group meets weekly during the academic year. Please check the FIUTS events calendar for dates, times, and locations each week.

Committees: Contribute to the planning of events and strategize about FIUTS program areas while working in an intimate team by joining one of seven committees: Student Programs, Education Programs, Community Programs, Leadership, FIUTS CulturalFest Booth, FIUTS CulturalFest Performance, Global Gala. Each committee differs in required time commitment and the time of year it meets. If you have questions about joining a committee contact Era.

Leadership Workshops (Leadershops): FIUTS offers leadership workshops called “Leadershops” at least once a quarter to help leaders improve and develop their leadership skills. Topics include ‘Icebreakers', ‘Public Speaking’, ‘Cross-cultural Communication,’ and ‘How Facilitating can Help you Get a Job.’

Student Board: Make a stronger commitment to FIUTS, develop your leadership skills and learn about non-profit management by serving on the Student Board. This requires a separate application process and a year-long commitment. Applications are due each spring quarter for the following academic year. See the FIUTS Student Board website here.

Past facilitators have said....

"You get to meet a lot of people from different cultures. I'm glad to have a chance to promote cross cultural understanding. It feels like world is much more united. It's also feels good to be in charge of something, the feeling that people can depend on you."

"No matter your experiences, you know a lot and can help international students adjust to life at the UW. You have a lot to contribute. Just do it!"

"I would encourage new facilitators to get as involved as possible. This might be their first leadership community, but it would for sure not be the last."

"Don't feel like you have to be the most outgoing person and have to do things a certain way. We are all different to begin with, just be yourself and show you own personalities. There can be a lot of people that you help on campus through FIUTS that can relate to you in some ways."

"Lots of opportunities to meet international students. Also lots of experience that will look good on your resume."

"The relationships are the most rewarding. I have made some true friends while being a facilitator and it is what I value most about the position."

"FIUTS staff are great! Always there when you need help but don't drown you in information and let you do your thing."

Skills gained from facilitating (identified by facilitators):

  • Communication with a group of diverse backgrounds
  • Patience
  • Tolerance or different ideas and people
  • Understanding
  • Humbleness
  • Confidence in being a strong leader and leading a diverse group of people
  • Ability to break the awkwardness with icebreakers
  • Flexibility
  • Better able to work with a diverse team
  • Public speaking
  • Cultural curiosity
  • Problem-solving
  • Tolerance of ambiguity
  • Teamwork & team-building
  • Forethought & responsibility
  • Knowledge of how to say some version of "hurry up!" or "let's go!" in like a dozen different languages.

Click HERE to fill out the facilitator application online. Facilitator application forms are also available for download here & in the FIUTS office (HUB 206). Once you submit an application, please attend one of our regularly scheduled New Facilitator Orientations. Scheduled New Facilitator Orientations are located on our Event Calendar tagged in purple.


If you have any questions about becoming a FIUTS facilitator or volunteering in the FIUTS office, please Email FIUTS Student Programs Coordinator Pauline at or come visit us in HUB 206.

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