Faces of FIUTS: Asish Thakur


Hi, my name is Asish Thakur and I am from Nepal, from the plains of Nepal a place called Lahan. 

I got introduced to FIUTS as a SUSI Scholar and got invited to Seattle by State Department of USA. Meeting people from different parts of world was a great part of my experience! I am connected to them, even today. We have met at different places in the world, creating a world-wide family. The experience taught me that we should be open for experiencing things, the world always has much more to show to us. 


My company and me have been working on developing better education for youth in Nepal, showing them better career options in Nepal and recognizing their efforts to keep them encouraged and motivated. We have been very involved in developing the skills and aptitude in the youth and teenagers of Nepal in order to be able to create larger impacts in society. 


We have been working with Glocal Teen Hero, recognizing teenagers who have been creating impacts in society. Via Glocal After School project we have been building skills in youth in the country for better career opportunities. 





Asish Thakur

Executive Director

Glocal Pvt. Ltd.