School Field Trips to CulturalFest


We are pleased to invite you and your students to FIUTS CulturalFest!

This year CulturalFest will be held from 10:30am to 3:00pm on Thursday, February 6th, 2020 in the HUB Ballroom on the University of Washington campus.

What is CulturalFest?

CulturalFest is an incredible celebration of cultural diversity at the University of Washington. UW international students will display pictures, crafts, and clothing, and present music, food, games and other cultural activities from their native countries. With over 35 country booths, your students will have the opportunity to take a ‘virtual’ tour around the globe! Your students will be given a passport activity to complete as they visit the country booths.  Visit the CulturalFest page to learn more about the International Expo and the Performance Showcase.

What grade levels are most appropriate?

CulturalFest is a great field trip for children in grades 3 - 6. Each year, however, FIUTS welcomes middle and high school classes to CulturalFest, as well as general community members. FIUTS CulturalFest is a rewarding experience for all ages!

How long can my class attend CulturalFest?

The cultural booths will be open from 10:30am-3:00pm. We invite your class to come for a 90 minute visit. This 90 minute visit includes a 15 minute introduction to CulturalFest, led by FIUTS staff and volunteers, one hour to explore the booths and learn about other culture, and 15 minutes at the end to gather together the students' belongings and say goodbye.

Do you provide lunch?

We ask that your school make your own arrangements for lunch. We will have a designated place to store lunchboxes and backpacks at CulturalFest. The HUB food court, located in the basement of the HUB, is open for students to eat their sack lunches before or after their visit to CulturalFest.

Most teachers plan lunch either before or after their 90-minute CulturalFest visit.

How much does CulturalFest cost?

The classroom fee for CulturalFest is $40 per class of up to 35 children. A limited number of scholarships will be available to schools that qualify.

My school has early dismissal that day! Can my students still attend?

YES – Even if your class cannot schedule a field trip to attend FIUTS CulturalFest together, your students are still invited to join the fun with their families after their classes, as the event is free for individuals and open to everyone in the community.

How do I sign up my class?

Please complete the online registration form before January 6 2020. Send questions to Kailyn Swarthout, FIUTS Education Programs Coordinator, at