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FIUTS Facilitator Application

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Leadership Competencies & Skills
As a FIUTS Facilitator, you will have opportunities to learn and grow your leadership and professional skills. Take a moment to reflect and on a scale of 1 to 5 (1=Low, 5=High), indicate your current level of competency and/or experience to help identify your areas of growth to focus on during your time as a FIUTS Facilitator. (*NOTE: Your responses will not influence your application or eligibility to become a facilitator)
Consider others' perspectives & ask questions with a sense of inquiry & discovery
Embrace diversity; create a friendly & welcoming environment for people of different backgrounds, beliefs, experiences
Assume good intentions & exhibit a positive attitude when interacting with others & communicating across cultures
Approach FIUTS programs with a spirit of joy & acknowledge personal & community success
Share personal stories & facilitate dialogue to build understanding across cultures & contexts
Encourage interaction between members of a group & step up/back in response to group needs
Practice active listening to create a sense of shared purpose & trust among others
Build productive relationship & exhibit flexibility & adaptability in work with diverse teams
Identify & articulate personal values & seek to align values & behavior
Exhibit a high level of dependability & accountability & follow through on commitments to self & others
Take initiative in response to opportunities & challenge oneself to try new things
Display a high level of tolerance for ambiguity & bounce back after failure with confidence & humility
Accept conflict & discomfort as an opportunity to promote understanding & peace
Reflect on one's own performances, welcome feedback & mentor & support others' development
Seek opportunities to practice experimentation & create & make connections between parts of a complex system
Exhibit civic pride in one's involvement & believe in the collective power to make positive change in the world
By applying to become a FIUTS Facilitator, you agree to abide by the FIUTS Code of Ethics. *
You may review the FIUTS Code of Ethics here: