FIUTS Lead Facilitator Application

Lead facilitators take on extra responsibilities during FIUTS events and activities. In addition to fulfilling the role of a regular facilitator, lead facilitators provide leadership and guidance to the other facilitators. The role of lead facilitator may include delegating tasks, ensuring communication among facilitators, and responding to questions and challenges during the event. Lead facilitators also have the authority and responsibility to resolve any issues that arise among the facilitator group. Ideally, the lead facilitator will encourage other facilitators to practice and enhance their leadership skills by providing collaborative and supportive guidance before, during, and after the event. Leading by example, lead facilitators model dedication, commitment and follow-through to their peers. Following the event, lead facilitators are expected to provide feedback and documentation (risk waivers, sign-up sheets, receipts, photos, blogs, etc.) to staff.

Depending on the event, lead facilitators may also have the opportunity to work with FIUTS staff to make decisions and help plan the event. If necessary, lead facilitators will also pick up any needed supplies from the FIUTS office prior to the event, be responsible for a FIUTS credit card or other form of payment, and communicate between facilitators and staff in the event of an emergency. Lead facilitator roles will be available at most major Events and Activities.


  • Resume-building advanced leadership experience

  • Opportunity to mentor other facilitators

  • Participate in a community of fellow lead facilitators

  • Trusted with increased responsibility and higher-level decision making

  • Reserved facilitator spots for high-interest Events and Activities


  • Must be a junior, senior, grad student, or equivalent at your home university - facilitators in their sophomore year will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis

  • Must have completed at least two quarters at the UW

  • Must have successfully facilitated at least 10 FIUTS activities (from any FIUTS program area; overnight activities count as one activity per day)

  • Must attend new Lead Facilitator training

  • Demonstrated responsibility, intercultural communication skills, and knowledge of FIUTS’ mission and programs


  • After becoming a Lead Facilitator, continue to facilitate at least one FIUTS program per quarter

  • Attend quarterly gatherings to discuss your leadership and connect with other Lead Facilitators

  • Continue to demonstrate responsibility, support other facilitators, and represent FIUTS appropriately

Application Process

Facilitators who have satisfied the minimum requirements are invited by staff to submit an application to become a Lead Facilitator. Each application will be reviewed by the FIUTS staff. Once your application is approved, you will be notified of upcoming lead facilitator opportunities and will gain registration access to those positions. Any questions regarding eligibility may be directed to Amy Bergstrom at

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