Host Availability Survey

Thank you for hosting international students through FIUTS! To help us best serve our hosts and students during our busiest time of the year, we would appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes to answer the following questions about your availability and preferences. Thank you for all that you do!

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Your phone number
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Are you interested in hosting a youth entrepreneur from Latvia or Lithuania for a weekend from July 11th- July 14th?
Host one or two high school students or adult mentors who are part of the FIUTS Youth Entrepreneurship Program with Latvia and Lithuania. FIUTS will host a barbecue on Sunday evening for all hosts and participants.
Are you interested in hosting a Seattle Language Culture Institute (SLCI) participant for one weekend this July 26th-28th?
High school and middle school students will live on campus for most of the program, but they will stay with hosts for a weekend homestay. Students speak conversational English and are really looking forward to spending a weekend with hosts!
Are you interested in hosting a new University of Washington international student for approximately one week this August or September?
Most students will arrive around August 20 for Early Fall Start OR between September 5-15. Orientation is September 10-20.
Are you interested in hosting one or more students from Japan participating in a culture and friendship program from September 6-14th?
Host one or two junior college students or adult mentors who are part of the FIUTS Culture and Friendship Program with Minami Kyushu Junior College. FIUTS will host a barbecue on Friday evening for all hosts and participants.
Are you interested in hosting a youth ambassador from Bolivia or Peru from October 17th-28th?
During this program, students and adults participate in workshops, site visits, and volunteer service activities focused on the themes of Multiculturalism and Civic Activism. Participants gain skills and experiences intended to prepare them to plan and implement community action projects once they return to their home countries.
We receive over 200 homestay applications in the fall and try to place as many students as possible. Welcome Week students may sleep anywhere you may have room; FIUTS also has air mattresses you can borrow!
Can you host a couple or family?
FIUTS works hard to make personalized matches between hosts and students based on preferences and mutual interests, so any information you can provide us is very helpful. That being said, overly restrictive preferences make it significantly harder to find a match for you. We recommend that you keep an open mind and try to avoid making generalizations about an age level, gender, or nationality based on a single experience.
Do you currently have any pets? *
Type, number, size, and personality information are all useful.
Update your mailing address
Update your mailing address
Can you be an emergency host? *
Occasionally, FIUTS needs a last-minute host if a student's original host becomes unavailable on short notice. Would you like to be included on a list of hosts to be contacted in the event that we have an emergency hosting opportunities?
In the fall quarter, students arrive at various dates and we will find a slot that works for you. Homestays last 7-10 days.
FIUTS needs hosts not only in August/September for UW students, but all year round to welcome great students and teachers from all over the world. Would you be interested in hosting at other times of year?