SUSI on Civic Engagement Participant Bios 2019

Ana Numbi

My name is Ana Numbi and I was born in Lubango, Angola where I grew up with both of my parents, two brothers and my sister. My mother’s name is Maria and my father’s name is Costa, unfortunately he died on 2011. I had a normal childhood, I started elementary school when I was 4 years old and finished when I was 13 at Complexo Escolar Nº 50. I went to high school at the age of 14 in 2012 and I finished in 2015. In 2016 I was admitted to study medicine at the Mandume Ya Ndemufayo University  where I am currently doing third year. I like music, movies, drama novels, spending time with my friends and family because they make me feel loved, and I also like meeting new people. I want to be a great professional and work for the development of my community.


Andrea du Toit

Hello:) I am Andrea du Toit from the sunny side of Pretoria in South Africa. I am studying political sciences at the University of Pretoria while teaching maths and science to school children. I am also the auction coordinator for Santa Cause for Paws, a non-profit that collects funds for animal shelters across South Africa. I am hoping to combine my passion for animal welfare with my studies in politics to better the situation for animal charities. My hobbies including reading, watching series and most importantly...sleeping. In the last 3 years I have completed 6 sleepathons to raise money for charity- this basically requires spending 24 hours in a kennel with a shelter animal. It’s more fun than it sounds. I have never been to the States and cannot wait for the experience!


Anesu Blessing Shadaya

Anesu Blessing Shadaya. Male 24 years old. Home place – Zimbabwe.
BSc. Accounting 3rd year National University of Science and Technology (Zimbabwe)
Zimbabwe Accounting Students Association – Founder
NUST Student Representative Council; treasurer general 2017-2018
Junior Mayor 2014-2015
Regional Network for Children and Young People Trust (RNCYPT) Member 2014-2015
NUST Investors Association – Advisor Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
The saying that goes the rejected cornerstone has now become the chief corner stone has proved true in my life. Just like Martin Luther King had a dream, I also have a dream due to patriotism and passion. How I dream and would want to see one day is a life ruined. I admit becoming a leader is not by mere chance or qualification but by grace. Of cause many are the goals of a man but time determines their fulfillment. Favorite quote “some leaders are born some are made” Mayor.

Audrey Nyaradzai Matambo

Aged 21 I am a female student named Audrey Nyaradzai Matambo. I am from Zimbabwe and currently undertaking a degree in social work. My passion lies with social justice and the wellbeing of all, especially the women and youth as these are the groups that are usually left out yet have great dynamic ideas that can change the world for the better. With a heart full of love and laughter i tend to interact a lot and the only thing that would take that smile away is abuse in any form or shape as well as injustice.

Botshelo Maipelo W Nthaga

My initials are Botshelo Maipelo W Nthaga. I am a young  Motswana Man originating from Botswana, Serowe. I study BA Hons in Broadcasting and Journalism. I am a pivotal follower of Political news and Law articles. I am a community influencer who actively participates in Corporate Social Responsibility projects. I Believe that everyone can achieve what he or she dreams to be regardless of their educational, physical, religious, socially, sexual background as long as one has Hope and energy to chase after his or her dreams the lord will also avail more opportunities. I believe that the world has potential to produce educationally, socially and economically upright young leaders who are game changers and innovators of the currently implemented inventions and school of thoughts for the world to enjoy together.


Daniela Duarte Pereira

My name is Daniela Duarte Pereira. I am 19 years old, I am from Mozambique of the city of Maputo. I study at Eduardo Mondlane University where I'm taking the economics course. I chose this course because I like to help people and solve problems, and economics is directly linked to this, because economics is a science that studies the processes of production, distribution, accumulation and consumption of material goods. And solve the problems of scarcity. I have always liked to help and I have already participated in several volunteer projects and donations in communities in need. And for that reason I signed up for the SUSI program, to learn a little more about volunteering and to acquire more experience.


Denilsson Antonio

Hi, my name is Denilsson. I'm 18 years old. I'm from Mozambique. I'm coursing  accounting at Universidade Pedagogica in Nampula, Mozambique. I'm a student leader who wants to make my country, especially my community, growing better and brighter. I like playing soccer, sightseeing and leading. I can speak English, Portuguese and a little of Spanish.  I love eating pasta and roast chicken. This a briefing of who I am.


Diphetogo Machokoto

From Makobo village, D.P Machokoto is a student at DDT college of medicine. He is a writer, poet, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He was the first president of Tonota Umbrella student representative council and held the post for 3years. Born and bred in Francistown, Botswana at a challenging time where poverty was inevitable in his household. The challenges he faced taught him bounteousness and unyielding determination. As a student, Mr D.P Machokoto has spoken in over 6 schools, addressed more than 4 thousand students and more than 20 Student Representative Councils. He believes in changing communities and building strong foundations for the present and future. Mr Machokoto is currently serving as a treasure for the DDT College of Medicine student representative council. His aim is to take the school to the community to bridge the gap between community and the school. He is also running a startup company that provides solutions for communities and tries to simplify life in modern cities. His idea is to make rural areas less rural and make urban areas safer to live in. In a developing country he is still determined and his strength is unyielding.


Ivo Camati António Evaristo

My name is Ivo Camati António Evaristo, I was born in Lubango, Huíla, Angola. My mother's name is Maria António and she works as a Nurse at a psychiatric hospital in Lubango, My father's name is José Evaristo, he first worked for the military and then as a teacher, he died in 2001. I am the third born and I have got one brother and three sisters. I had a normal and happy childhood. I have been living Lubango since I was born and I have never lived somewhere else out of Lubango. I first went to school when I was 5 years old and by the age of 18 I had already finished High School. In 2016 I was admitted to study English Linguistics at ISCED (Higher Institute of Educational Sciences), I am finishing 3rd year now, and I expect to be graduated in 2020. I like poetry, music, sports and read novels. One of the greatest books I have red so far, is "Paper Towns" by John Green. My main goal in life is to bring positive change to the community I am living in, by becoming a better citizen and working on common goals for the development of my community.


Jessica Quiteque

I am Jéssica Quiteque, I am 21 years old, I am at university doing Portuguese Language and Comucation.For 5 years I did a radio program for children, for now I'm slightly absent due to university and, but briefly return. Recently I was part of the creation of a community association in order to develop some solutions for some communities, and I am the coordinator of the association. At the moment I also coordinate a small group of young people in the church and vice secretary for area of information of the youth in the church.


Jessica Izilda Alberto Alface

My name is Jéssica Izilda Alberto Alface I am from Mozambique and I live in Maputo city with my parents and siblings.  I am a full-time student motivated by my love for learning and succeeding, as I strive to become an outstanding successful women in  today´s society. I am currently completing the bachelors degree program of  Industrial Chemistry at Eduardo Mondlane University in  my country.  My dream is to  make a major contribution enhancing women´s opportunities and incubate the spirit of science and research, be an inspiration for many generations to come. Through my passion for music I started playing the guitar , and participated on a benefit concert at my church to buy new instruments for musical students who cannot afford them. From that day I felt the need to do other things that can make a difference in one´s lives. Something that encourages me every day is that nothing great comes easy and with God everything is possible.

Wadzanayi Kimberley Bwanya

Wadzanayi Kimberley Bwanya is from Harare, Zimbabwe but is currently based in Bulawayo. She is currently in her final year of study for a BSc Honors Degree in Computer Science at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) , Zimbabwe. She provides digital design and user experience(UX) services through her start-up, Beedesigned , which she founded out of her love for design and technology. Concurrently, being a female in a male-dominated field, she felt the need to empower other girls through her organization Techempowerment, which works with diverse communities and foundations to encourage the use and appreciation of technology by the African girl and woman, in order to harness it’s benefits in today’s competitive world. Kimberley strongly believes that technology is a great equalizer and it is the ultimate form of empowerment that can help shape the world we want.


Laone Desert

My name is Laone Desert from Botswana. I am currently doing a double major in Economics and Public Administration at the University of Botswana. I am also a youth activist running an NGO called Young Minds Association which deals with addressing unemployment amongst the youth. I have a passion for community development and working with other young people.


Margret Zinhumwe

Margret Zinhumwe is a young energetic lady from Gweru, Zimbabwe. A 4th year student at Midlands State University currently pursuing an Honors degree in Development Studies. She has made it a point to strive for her goals, which were nothing less than her grandest dreams. One of her dreams is that of a world where youths are empowered enough to have skills and  agency to effect meaningful change. Margret is  an advocate for Female Students Network Trust (FSNT), also a Social and Economic Justice Ambassador for Zimbabwe Coalition On Debt and Development, a LEADS activists for KATSWE sistahood and has also attended several trainings and workshops on human rights, democracy and civic engagement for Youth Empowerment Trust and Transformation, National Movement of Catholic Students, Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace and Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights. While at FSNT Maggie established herself as a self-starter and leader through her volunteer experiences. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and exploring, sports and volunteering.


Mokwalakwala Mpho

Mokwalakwala Mpho , 22 years old student from University of Limpopo (South Africa) has just completed his studies for Bachelor of Education majoring in English and Life Orientation.  Mpho was born in the rural village of Limpopo and raised by his grandma  ther. Cut off?



Nobert Kuvamudiki

My name is Nobert Kuvamudiki, a young and energetic young person from Harare, Zimbabwe and I am currently studying Journalism and Communication with Christian College of Southern Africa (CCOSA) and aspiring to study political sciences in the next few years. I have interacted with a couple of Civil Society Organizations in Zimbabwe which includes Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC), Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU), Female Students Network (FSN) and Zimbabwe Diamonds and Allied Workers Union among others during my academic internship at Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition. During my time there, we have managed to expose some human rights abuses through videos, statements and pictures by the uniformed forces, from police brutality to army viciousness. Working in the Civil Society coupled with living in  a country where human rights violations are rampant has risen my spirit to fight for the adherence of human rights by those in the echelons of power.



Nomhle Motlatsi Mojela

My name is Nomhle Motlatsi Mojela, a goal driven 23-year old young woman from Botswana, who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any tasks undertaken. A believer in charity work and being a pillar of positivity in the community, and therefore spends a lot of time volunteering in various organizations. I find pleasure in meeting new people, achieving personal goals set and learning new skills. I am a BSc  Applied Science student with a love for human development, and also, I am a proponent of the girl child development.



Rafael Orlando Sizane

Hi! My name is Rafael Orlando Sizane, from Mozambique - Sofala (Province) - Beira (City). I was born in Marromeu (District of Sofala Province). I was trained as English Language Teacher for Primary Schools ( in 2016) and after finishing the course I applied to Universidade Pedagógica (where I am attending the Course of  English Language Teaching since 2017). This year I started teaching English Subject at New Moon College grade 8 in Mozambique System of Education. I am particularly interested in Music. I am musician, I sing Gospel music and I am really happy for doing that. I have a group called Abderval Vocal Group where I perform the responsibility of Director of the Group and I Sing tenor. In April 23,  2017 we launched our first album entitled "10 Commandments". If you do not mind, I would like to share with you the great melodies I have (my Group has) from Mozambique. That is all I had to say. Best regards! Rafael





Siphesihle Ndaba

Siphesihle Ndaba, who is from Johannesburg, South Africa, is a student at Rhodes University who completed her bachelors undergraduate degree in psychology and drama in 2018 and is set to complete her honors degree in 2019. She is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. She is a theatre practitioner who specializes in directing and applied theatre. She is a recipient of the Investec Top 100 Arts, Culture and Media award. She wrote and directed a theatre production titled ‘Skinned’ at the National Arts Festival 2018 which tackled issues such as femicide as well as South Africa’s justice system’s negligence to the safety and security of women and children.


Tholoana Matli

Hello, I am Tholoana Matli from Kimberly which is a city in the north of South Africa. I am currently doing my first year will be doing my second year in 2019 at Sol Plaatje Universtiy (SPU) in Kimberly. I work as a Liaison Officer for OddZ Creatives a company we founded in 2015 with the intention of using art as a medium to create social change in black young people’s lives. Prior to founding the company my business partners and I worked together at a campus radio station at the Central University of Technology (CUT) the name of the station is CUTFM in 2015. I have also worked as a tutor in the supplemental instruction programme at CUT IN 2015. High School I was the Editor of the first Newsletter to come out of Tsoseletso High school.