Pen Pal Celebration

FIUTS always looks forward to the education programs’ Pen Pal Celebration at the end of every quarter. Each quarter, bonds are created between international students and their elementary school pen pals. With hand-written and thoroughly doodled letters, FIUTS facilitates international understanding. The students learn about another culture through a mentor they can look up to, and the international students get a deeper understanding of education in America.

At the end of the quarter, students get to meet their pen pals at the Pen Pal Celebration. After a tour of campus where students can learn about life at UW and college, they greet their pan pals for the first time. Students are met with high fives, sweet gifts, one last letter, or a nervous smile. But over their hour together, they relax over the activities in a room, introduce their pen pals to their classmates, and have some fun!

Games were popular this year. Tense games of Jenga, as well as an fierce competition of pokemon brought laughter in the room.


Arts and crafts made a great way to quietly create together. International students took a lot of pride in helping their students create beautiful origami.


Last but not least, students had the chance to explore our world with a little sit down time at the globe. Whether it was the because of the delicious sandwiches, the fun games, or the human bingo, we’re happy to say the Fall 2018 Pen Pal Celebration was a success!

Thank you to all of our participants, UW and elementary alike. We hope you can tell your friends about pen pal so new elementary students can meet an international student this Winter and Spring quarter.

FIUTS Front Desk