FIUTS Leadership Competencies

The FIUTS staff has developed a set of leadership competencies that members of our community strengthen throughout their involvement in our programming. These competencies are based in FIUTS's mission and vision and informed by the Student Leadership Competencies and the Husky Leadership Initiative leadership framework. Click the image below to download a PDF of the competencies.


Our community believes in the collective power to make positive change in the world and promotes curiosity, shared purpose, and civic pride. True communication happens when people feel comfortable, so FIUTS provides shared experiences, challenges, and fun so participants build trust naturally with others despite their initial differences.
Competencies: Curiosity, Inclusion, Optimism, Celebration


Leadership can only be learned by practice. FIUTS creates a range of leadership opportunities, allowing young people to facilitate dialogue, try new things, reflect on their own growth, and build skills through direct experiences. Large and small group experiences provide opportunities for experimentation and collaboration. 
Competencies: Communication, Empowering Others, Empathy, Collaboration



As students participate in intercultural programs and experience leadership, they are challenged to reflect on and articulate their own values and beliefs and take risks to build resilience. Storytelling and dialogue celebrate the diversity of beliefs and experiences of every individual. 
Competencies: Values, Responsibility, Courage, Resilience


In all of FIUTS programs, students are asked to consider how they will improve their communities and the world around them and encouraged to seek opportunities to take action to make the world better for everyone.
Competencies: Diplomacy, Growth, Innovation, Impact