Our Student Speakers at the Blue Marble Bash

Our big annual fundraising event, the Blue Marble Bash, is coming up this Saturday! This exciting event will feature three student speakers who will share their experiences as part of FIUTS, and how FIUTS has helped them learn, grow, and connect with the world. Here’s a little more about our speakers - and you can buy your ticket now to attend the event and hear their inspiring speeches!


Nadine Gibson is an 8th grader from the Puget Sound area. She has been a FIUTS Ambassador twice, serving as a local connection for students from the Caribbean this past summer and from Bolivia and Peru in the fall. She also participated in FIUTS’ summer youth program, the Seattle Language and Culture Institute. She's excited to share her stories and smiles at Blue Marble Bash.


Madeline Kusnadi is a senior at the University of Washington from Indonesia studying Creative Writing. She is currently serving as the secretary and Marketing co-chair for the FIUTS Student Board, while also participating in various FIUTS events, including CulturalFest and the pen pal program. Maddie is excited to share the story of how she found a sense of belonging at FIUTS through resilience.


Man Marcaida III is a first-year master’s student from the Philippines in Environmental and Forest Sciences. Coming to the U.S. for the first time knowing nobody and nothing about Seattle was nerve-wracking for him! Man found a roadmap to his new adventure through FIUTS and opportunities to meet new friends along the way. Man is especially thrilled to share his homestay program experience and how it helped him find his way and settle in to this new city.

We can’t wait to be inspired by these amazing students and celebrate what brings us together! See you at the Bash on Saturday.

Ellen Frierson