CulturalFest Countdown: Meet the Performance Committee

CulturalFest is a collaboration between FIUTS staff and Student Board. Learn more about the planning process from the perspective of the student committee putting together the Performance Showcase.


By Maya Martin


cultural fest planning.jpg

Can you travel around the world in just one night? At FIUTS CulturalFest Performance Showcase, students and community members will be amazed, awed, and fascinated by 10 beautiful dance and music performances. CulturalFest Performance Showcase gives students representing numerous diverse cultures an opportunity to share a part of who they are on a stage in front of hundreds of people.


But before the curtains open, the logistics for this incredible performance were planned by the CulturalFest Performance Committee, a team of 14 members led by Sunny Cai and Bing Yu Lee. The team began meeting in the beginning of October to promote applications for performers.


Performance Committee's First Meeting



After watching many incredible auditions, it was a difficult decision to narrow the show line-up to 10 performance groups. For hours the committee discussed which groups would best represent the diversity and authenticity of cultures present at the University of Washington, while thinking about the performance from the audience’s point of view. Finally the committee emerged from the meeting with a finalized line-up, giving space for both talented returning performers and new but incredible acts, both more well known and loved performances as well as underrepresented but stunning performances.


Since then, the Performance Committee has been focused on promoting the event to UW students and around the greater community, while also working with performers to ensure a smooth and successful event. Each committee member works with one performance group to guide them through logistics in the weeks leading up to the big day.


CulturalFest is coming soon, and the Expo Committee has also been working hard to prepare an incredible and educational display of cultures and diversity on the UW campus on February 8th. Performance Showcase is coming on February 10th, and it will be a night of learning, fun and awe that the audience will not forget.