Thank you, Amy!

Today was the last day in the office for FIUTS Manager of Student Programs, Amy Bergstrom! Amy joined FIUTS in summer 2015. Since then, she has managed hundreds of sessions to welcome and orient new students; led teams that have produced CulturalFest performance showcase and other big, complicated programs; supported countless students in their journeys to become curious, courageous, optimistic global leaders; and so much more. We are so sad to see her go, but so happy for her as she takes the next step in her career, and excited to see how she continues to support student leadership and engagement in her new role at Highline College! We're sending her off with lots of messages from students and staff to wish her well. Thank you, Amy!


Dear Amy: Time flies and I can’t imagine FIUTS without you :( I just want to thank you for your patience for guiding me through my college journey and making FIUTS such a welcoming and fun place! I will definitely miss the random conversations and you overhearing everything we say in the office !😂 It was a pleasure working with you and all the best (and keep in touch!) :) -Anna, Student Board Member

Amy, you are such an amazing soul. It was so great getting to know you because you always brought positivity and laughter to the FIUTS team. Even though I was only at FIUTS for 1 year, you made such a difference in that time to my experience. And I believe you will continue to touch those around you and make an impact wherever you go. Thank you for being you, and I hope you have a blessed time in the rest of your future. - Lena, past student office assistant

Hi Amy! I’ve only been working with you for a year but you made that the best year of my study in UW. You shaped me to be the leader I am today, and honestly I don’t know how I would accomplish amazing things if it wasn’t because of your help. You helped me to be more confident in everything I do. And for that, I’d like to thank you very much! Thank you for giving me a chance to lead FIUTS Connections. Thank you for believing in me when I don’t even believe in myself. Thank you for being someone who shares the same passion of baseball with me. I will miss you so much, and good luck in your new place! Hopefully we’ll cross paths someday. - Adelia, Lead Facilitator


Amy, thank you for all of your support and mentorship! You will always be missed and remembered here at the FIUTS office for the amazing and kind person that you are! Wishing you the very best as you continue on your life journey. - Bader, past Lead Facilitator

Dear Amy, Thank you so much for everything you’ve done at FIUTS. Your willingness to give support and advice was so helpful throughout my Student Board experience and helped make it an impactful part of my college career. I appreciated your unwavering positivity and it always made the office a welcoming, fun place. Thanks again and good luck in your new position at Highline! -Rachel., Student Board

From what I've seen during my experience in FIUTS, I am sure you are going to be a great asset to any workplace you go to. Your enthusiasm and passion will always help you to succeed. I wish you all the best. - Ibtesam, Student Board Member


Thank you so very much for all you’ve done for FIUTS and myself. I owe much of my personal and professional development during my college time to you- your unwavering support, advice, open ears and heart. Thank you for blazing trails and caring for our communities. Wherever you go they are lucky to have you. Thank you for those wonderful 4 years! Hasta pronto. :)  - Alissa, past Student Board & Facilitator

What is there not to love about the amazing Amy Bergstrom? From making Office references to writing me a million different letters of recommendation and everything in between, I am so thankful that you have been a part of my life! Beyond just being my boss and teaching important job skills, you took the time to build a relationship and lead in a humble manner. I will always look up to you as a strong role model and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors! With all my love, Nikki (your favorite Nikki) - Nikki, past student office assistant


Amy, it's hard to believe that 4 years have gone by so quickly! I have a storehouse of incredible memories of working alongside you. Thank you for your hard work, for carrying all the heavy things, and for being creative and thoughtful in all you do. and for the macaroons. and the sports trivia. you will most certainly be missed. - Era, FIUTS Executive Director

Hi Amy, I was so shocked when I heard that you are leaving FIUTS. When I was planning Global Gala this year, the advice and suggestions you gave me were incredibly helpful. I really appreciate that. Thank you and good luck with the new chapter of your career! - Molly, Student Board

Amy! You're going to be missed so much! I still remember the day you interviewed me and gave me the opportunity to become part of the amazing FIUTS team. It was an amazing summer spent with amazing people, and you were the heart many of the things I enjoyed. I still remember seeing the solar eclipse with you! All I want to say is that I have a load of amazing and happy memories and the credit goes to the amazing events you put together. Thank you for being the amazing person you are! Even though we're going to miss you tremendously, I know you'll do amazing wherever you go! - Aman, past student office assistant


Can't believe you are leaving FIUTS! You made my intern so much better. I was looking forward to working with you as a student board member but seems like it won't happen... I will miss you! Wish you all the best in the future ❤️ - Shirley, Student Board & past intern

Hi Amy, Thank you for all the things you've done for FIUTS! I felt really welcome when I started working there. You were really nice to me and I will not forget that! Keep being awesome and best luck for your future endeavors!! - Edward, past intern

Amy!!! I’m going to miss seeing you at UW/FIUTS/AWISA/NAFSA related things! It’s been great working with you these past few years. Wishing you the best with your new position. Highline is so lucky to have you join their team! - Marilyn, past student office assistant


Hi Amy! I can't believe you are leaving FIUTS. You were a great mentor, advisor and friend to me. You brought a lot of incredible memories to my FIUTS experience. I will miss you at the UW and FIUTS! I am sure your awesome personality will help you succeed at whatever you head to conquer! Good luck and keep in touch! - Lucy, past Student Board

Amy, every time I was in the office I feel like you were finding laughter in all things, including the many mini crises that inevitably come up. Your positivity radiates and I know it will be very missed at FIUTS. Good luck in your next adventure! - Ben, past Visiting Programs Assistant

Amy, it's been such an amazing adventure working with you in FIUTS. Whether it be the FIUTS camps or CulturalFests or one of the many other events, none of them could have been as successful or as fun without you. You were always there to guide me when I was fumbling around, unsure of what to do. And you were always there to join us in those weird conversations we had in the office like that time we talked about if a hotdog is a sandwich. You, along with the rest the FIUTS community, made my time with FIUTS so meaningful! We'll miss you!!!! - Manjot, past student office assistant


Dear Amy, you've been synonymous with FIUTS for me and I am so glad that I had the amazing opportunity to work with you this past year - I am super excited for what your next adventure holds for you. All the best - keep in touch! - Simran, former Student Board

Amy, you are such a grounding, supportive, and wildly competent force in the FIUTS world - I feel so lucky to have had this past year to work with you! Whether in the office or at the ballpark, you are always generous with your time and energy to help others. Thank you for being such an important member of this community, we'll miss you so much! - Michelle, FIUTS staff

It has been a marvelous journey to work with you during the past four years! I got to know FIUTS and engage more all because of your support and advice. Although we are both leaving FIUTS, I believe this will not be the end of the story. Live long and prosperous! - Yuxuan, former Student Board

Amy always had a way of complimenting that made you feel unique and valued. I still treasure a simple thank you card from her for helping out during orientation. Thank you Amy for contributing so much to FIUTS and to building up its community. - Lilly, past student office assistant


Still can't believe you're leaving! You've always shown me how to be a helpful, warm-hearted and proud member of FIUTS. I'll remember you as a great mentor and a precious friend! - Kendrick, faciltator

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for FIUTS! And thank you for inspiring me to join FIUTS in the first place. I’ll miss you so much, Amy! Good luck. - Fia, Student Board

Amy, Whenever I eat lunch at the office, you always give me the warmest greeting!!! I’m very thankful that you always welcome me to hang out with y’all. I like your energy and your jokes that always light up everyone around you! Please come back and visit more often!! I’ll miss you!!!! - Danny, facilitator

Dear Amy, I remember my first time noting your existence. You and Era were doing my Embark Session, Fall 2017. I remember you wore a dress and a smile that lit up the room of anxious students. Now I’ve gotten the chance to not only know of your cute outfits and friendly smiles, but also what an amazing person and supportive friend you are. I’ve only known you for about a year, and for that year, you were one of the people that stood by me and changed my world forever. Thanks for everything, good luck! - Maddie, past Student Board


You have been such an asset to FIUTS. Your delightful demeanor, positive attitude, listening skills, humor, and organizational skills are out of this world and the FIUTS family has been so incredibly lucky to have you as a leader. On your first week you changed the office by eating lunch at the common table and cultivating a culture of balance and tranquility amongst chaos. You are a trendsetter. You put your heart into everything you do and I am confident that you will continue to be a light in every room you are in. Don't forget that common sense is beautiful, all vans deserve names and I will eat cheese with you anywhere. I am afraid of how much I love you (Scott, M., 2007). Love & hoola hoops. -Danika, past staff


I really enjoyed and missed the precious moments when Sunny and I were working under Amy for the FIUTS CF Performance 2018. Amy is a wonderful advisor! She gave constructive feedback while letting us take ownership of leading our committee. Working with her has also taught me how to stay organized and calm at all time! Thank you Amy, I will miss you. - Bing, past Student Board

Dear Amy, My time at FIUTS was deeply enriched by you being there. You were always there to help if I needed something and always were a really welcoming presence to everyone who came into the office. Thank you for all of your service and for making my time at FIUTS great! Congrats on your new opportunity! -Aleassa, past student office assistant

Ellen Frierson