Here are some details about communication and technology use during the program:

Phones: The SUSI program will provide a basic cell phone with a U.S. phone number for you to use during your time in America.  This will allow you to have unlimited calls and texts anyone in the United States. This phone cannot be used to make international phone calls without using a calling card.  International calling cards can be purchased for reasonable prices at stores near the university. The cost of a phone call to Southern Africa is typically around $0.15 per minute using an international phone card.

Internet Use: You will have high speed wifi access in your hotel and on all parts of the University of Washington Campus.  Many coffee shops and restaurants around Seattle have free wifi access.  The program can provide you with a tablet that you can use to connect to the internet, or you can use a smart phone, tablet or computer that you bring from home.


Social Media: We strongly suggest limiting yourself to 30 minutes per day on social media! We understand that social media is an important way that many people communicate with friends and family and an easy way to share your experience and stay connected to what is going on at home. However, excessive social media use can have a negative impact on your study abroad experience. It can keep you from fully immersing yourself in the program, your new home and the day-to-day experiences of the SUSI program. This suggestion comes from our own experiences studying abroad AND from the advice and suggestions of past FIUTS exchange students.