Conversation Groups

Meet new people, practice your English speaking skills, and learn more about different cultures and perspectives in a fun and laid-back environment. You do not need to sign up or come every week - just drop in whenever you are available. Conversation groups are typically held on a weekly basis and in different locations week-by-week. Check out the FIUTS events calendar or visit the FIUTS office (HUB 206) for each week's location.

English conversation group

Wednesdays | 5:00-6:00PM

Practice English with fellow English language learners and volunteers. This is an informal group with different topics discussed every week.

Do I have to be an English-language learner?

No. English-language speakers of any and/or all levels are welcome to stop by and join in these weekly conversation groups. You can even volunteer to help out!

Culture Conversation Group

Mondays | 6:00-7:00PM

Drop by to chat with fellow students from all over the world about cross-cultural experiences and to learn about different countries and cultures.

What are the topics for each week?

To learn about the Culture or English Conversation Group topic(s) for a particular week, check out the FIUTS events calendar.

Any questions or interested in volunteering?

Contact Michelle Kim, FIUTS Student Programs Coordinator via email (