Student Homestay Application

Apply here to participate in a FIUTS homestay program.

Thank you for your interest in the FIUTS Welcome Week homestay program, an opportunity for incoming UW students to stay with a local volunteer host for their first 7-10 days in Seattle. To begin your application, please complete the form below. If you have any questions about the homestay application process, please contact Manager of Community Programs Samantha Novak at

Applications must be received at least one month before your arrival in Seattle.

Before filling out this application please make sure you have reviewed the Frequently Asked Questions and Program Information.  

This application cannot be updated using the web form once you have submitted it. If you have changes or updates to make to your application, please email them to

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Travel Information
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Please ONLY answer "yes" to this question if you have purchased a plane ticket and know the exact date on which you will arrive.
If you know your exact arrival date, please provide that information here:
If you know your exact arrival date, please provide that information here:
Please note: To allow sufficient processing time, homestay applications should be submitted at least ONE MONTH prior to arrival to be accepted. Please also remember that FIUTS Welcome Week homestays can last from 7-10 days only, so you should plan to arrive no more than 7-10 days before you will move into other temporary or permanent housing.
Time of arrival
Time of arrival
Please only include this information if you have a plane ticket for a flight to Seattle. If you do not have a plane ticket, write "N/A." Once you have purchased your plane ticket email with your arrival date and time, airline, and flight number. Do not fill out this application again. If you are NOT arriving in Seattle by plane, please explain your travel plans in the response box for the next question.
Your application will not be complete until you have provided a specific arrival date, but we will process your application and wait for you to update us on your arrival.
Is Seattle your first point of arrival into the US on your trip? *
Will family members be travelling with you to Seattle? *
Please note that students' spouses, partners and children are welcome to participate in the homestay program. However, we are NOT able to accommodate students' parents, siblings, or other relatives. If your parent or other relative is accompanying you to Seattle, your homestay may only begin after they leave.
Tell us about who will be coming with you to Seattle. Include the name of your spouse or partner and the names, genders, and the ages of any children.
Have you ever travelled to the United States before? *
Include where you traveled and how long you stayed.
Profile Information
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Do you smoke cigarettes? *
Please note that smoking indoors is prohibited in the Seattle area, and hosts will not allow smoking inside their homes.
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e.g. medical conditions, mobility restrictions, etc.
What are your housing plans? *
Please tell us where you plan to live when you come to Seattle. If your plans change after submitting this application, please email to let us know. It is very important that we receive accurate information about your housing plans!
Do you know what day you will move into on-campus or off-campus housing after your homestay? *
If you already know your move-in date, please let us know.
If you already know your move-in date, please let us know.
If you do not know yet, but you find out before your arrival, please email this information to as soon as possible.
Include information about your hobbies, your family, your studies, your personality and anything else that helps describe you. The information about yourself that you write in this letter will help FIUTS staff to determine which host will be the best match for you. The letter will be shared only with your confirmed homestay host, it is NOT read by other potential hosts.
Seattle is a diverse place, reflecting American society. FIUTS homestay hosts are also diverse, and can include families with children, retired people, gay families and individuals, single professionals, families that speak multiple languages, or current students, among others. With the understanding that FIUTS cannot always accommodate requests, please share any preferences or concerns you may have regarding your homestay host.
Application documents
In order to have a complete application, please send a photo of yourself to *
FIUTS Homestay Agreement Terms & Conditions
FIUTS homestay agreement-PLEASE READ CAREFULLY By submitting an application to the FIUTS homestay program, you agree that you understand the following: 1) By submitting this application, you confirm that you plan to participate in the homestay program if you are placed with a host. If you choose at any time before your arrival in Seattle to cancel your participation in the homestay program, you MUST let FIUTS know and will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. If you cancel your application in less than 10 days before your arrival OR after you have already been matched with a host, you will be charged the full $125 homestay placement fee. (No fees will be charged if you cancel because of reasons related to your visa). 2) A homestay placement is not guaranteed: although FIUTS will try its best to place every student who applies, there are a limited number of host families. If FIUTS cannot place you with a host, you will be told at least two weeks before you come to Seattle and will not be charged with any fee. 3) Homestay experiences are meant to be cultural exchanges. Hosts are volunteers who choose to host because they enjoy meeting people from around the world and welcoming them to Seattle. Homestay students should be prepared to talk about their country and their culture, and be prepared to learn from others. A homestay is NOT simply a place to stay before classes start. 4) Host live in many different locations around the greater Seattle area, and some hosts may live up to an hour away from campus. Please remember that if you are farther from campus, the homestay only lasts 7-10 days. Once you have been matched with a host, we will NOT be able to accommodate requests to change your homestay to be closer to campus. 5) Seattle is a diverse place: FIUTS homestay families come from a variety of backgrounds, and include retired couples, families with children, single professionals, current students, gay families, and families who speak multiple languages. While FIUTS cannot accommodate every student request, if you have concerns or preferences regarding host families, please note them in your application.
I agree to the FIUTS Homestay terms and conditions *