Host a Student for Thanksgiving

Many international students visiting the University of Washington are eager to experience American traditions and culture.

Thanksgiving represents the very best ideals of our community spirit and tradition. Hosting a student (or students) for Thanksgiving dinner is a wonderful way to get involved with the FIUTS hosting community and share a special holiday meal with international visitors.

If you have never hosted through FIUTS before, please fill out the FIUTS host application to sign up to host for Thanksgiving. Otherwise, contact Manager of Community Programs Samantha Novak at or (206) 616-7025 and sign up by the end of the second week of November.

(Students begin to sign up on Monday, October 29).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do students sign up for Thanksgiving?

University of Washington international students (ranging from freshmen to PhD candidates and visiting scholars) come to our office on campus to sign up to be matched with a local family or group of friends to join them for their Thanksgiving celebration. The deadline for students to sign up is Friday, November 22.

How will I be connected with my students?

Once we have all the signups, we’ll start sending emails to hosts and students connecting them with one another. Once you receive an email connecting you with your student (or students – you’re welcome to host more than one) you’re all set to communicate with them directly and let them know where and when to meet you on Thanksgiving day. Emails connecting hosts and students will be sent on Monday and Tuesday November 25 and 26.

What countries do students come from?

The majority of students who sign up for Thanksgiving are from China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. There are also students from Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. If you are interested in getting to know students from a particular country or region, please let us know when you sign up to host, we can't make guarantees, but we will do our best!

How old are the students?

University of Washington students range from freshmen (approximately 18 years old) to PhD candidates and visiting scholars - so they represent many ages and levels of study. If you are particularly interested in hosting a particular level of student, please let us know when you sign up to host.

How do students get to my home?

Most students are adept at using public transportation - if you are not able to give them a ride, you are welcome to just let them know how to get to your house via bus. Otherwise, you can pick them up on campus or at another mutually convenient location.

I'm a new host. How do I sign up?

In order to ensure that we are being responsible when connecting students with community members, we ask that all prospective hosts fill out our online host application. This is our standard application for all our homestay and friendship programs so if you’re just applying to be a Thanksgiving host, just select that option and skip all the homestay-related questions.

Name *
Dietary Restrictions you can accommodate *
The student doesn't need to be able to eat everything on the table, but they should be able to eat a nice meal (ie no just green beans).
Some students have a phobia or allergy to pets, so it is great to have this info.
We can't make any promises because our student pool depends on who signs up, but we'll do our best. Additionally, sometimes students from the US sometimes sign up, if you don't want to welcome an America student, please let me know.