FIUTS Ogawa Award

Each year, FIUTS awards two $5,000 scholarships in honor of Betty and Hiro Ogawa, UW class of 1967.

Each year, FIUTS awards two $5,000 scholarships in honor of Betty and Hiro Ogawa to recognize students involved in FIUTS who work to promote understanding between the U.S. and Japan.

This unique scholarship was established in 2015 to honor FIUTS Alumni Betty and Hiro Ogawa, University of Washington class of 1967. Hiro, a student from Japan, created the award in memory of his wife, Betty, an American student who was a volunteer for FIUTS programs.

The Ogawa Award grants flexible scholarships each year to two University of Washington graduate or undergraduate students from any country in recognition of their work to promote cross-cultural understanding between Japan and the United States through their involvement in FIUTS programs. To apply for the 2019/2020 award:

  1. Complete the form below by March 22, 2019

  2. Submit one letter of recommendation in support of your application. Letter can be mailed, dropped off in the FIUTS office (HUB 206), or emailed to

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