Community Project Planning

An important component of your SUSI experience will be gaining the knowledge, skills, and experience required to begin to plan your own community project, which you will then implement once you return to your home community. Over the course of your time in Washington DC, New Orleans, and Seattle, you will visit many different community organizations to learn about a variety of approaches. We hope that these visits and meetings will inspire you as well as give you ideas that will help you as you conceptualize your own project.

The Seattle portion of the program will include a series of seminars focusing on different aspects of project development, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Seminar topics will include:

* Community mapping

* Setting "SMART" goals

* Best practices for managing volunteers

* Fundraising strategies

* Measurement & evaluation

FIUTS will also provide you with a project planning toolkit which will give you many resources that you can use to adapt the information we give you to fit your own community's needs and assets.

We will discuss the expectations and guidelines for projects in more details when you arrive. In the meantime, start thinking about what issues or challenges you see in your community, and what kind of project you might be able to do to make a difference.