FIUTS SUSI Summer 2019 Participants


Ahmad Audli Natakusuma, Indonesia

My name is Ahmad Audli Natakusuma. I am from Lampung, Indonesia. I am a third year student of Urban and Regional Planning which focusing on Community Development. During my study, I have seen many social problems that is caused by the society itself. All those kind of issues are difficult to be solved, even by government, unless the society is engaged to solve it. Because of my tremendous curiosity, in May 2017 I created a social and educational communtiy called Telur Indonesia with my 2 other friends in order to blend and collaborate with society to solve their problem . With 40 team members, we have engaged more than 150 youths sitting alongside government discussing current issues and find the solution together. Followed by that, we succeed to co-operate with a school in a rural area in making development classes for the students through Fun Learning program. In this program, we introduce various jobs and occupations to the kids and motivate them to dream as high as they can as we believe that a big change will start from the fundamental issue which is education. During my leisure time, I spend my time to read book and play guitar. During weekend, I practice archery and hangout with my friends. I have a dream to make my hometown much develop in 20 years ahead, so I want to be a decision taker in my hometown. That is why I always seek any opportunity to prepare myself become a good future leader.


Amine Litim, TUNISIA

I am Amine Litim, a 22 years old College student from Tataouine City, Tunisia. I am a Business Student at a sophomore level, currently studying in Tunis Business School. I will pursue the field of Data Analysis in the very near future. I’m interested in practicing fitness training and football in my free time, and I also enjoy watching movies, series and creating memes. My dream is to see my City improving through sophisticating the education and culture fields, and I will fight to achieve this goal. I would like to launch my own Startup project in the future, and I want it to be beneficial for my community because I see myself as a future change maker.



I'm Chaitanya from Ashoka University, India. I am a student of political science, but I have interests varying from bird watching to accounting and debating to cooking. I had started up a venture in my class 12 but scrapped it later. I founded the wildlife club in my university. I go bird watching every weekend and that gives me a really great connect with the nature. I love eating and cooking and I usually cook for myself, which gives me a great connect with myself. I work as the finance manager for a start up called Blueyard and I am also in charge of finance for the annual cultural festival of my uni. This gives me a great connect with the outer world, however capitalist it might be. My larger academic interests are to study public policy in intersection with socio-environmental issues and I hope to get to a position where I can influence policy decisions. This is me, a messed up combination of varied interests, living in this world of unilateral thinking.


Indira ARDIYATNA, indonesia

Hello, everyone! My name is Indira from Indonesia, I am 20 years old and currently an undergraduate student majoring in Industrial Engineering. If I were to describe myself in one word, that word would be bubbly. I aspire to always see the positive in things. I am very enthusiastic about learning new things, therefore making my range of interests endless. I am looking forward to get to know all of you and learn something new from each and everyone of you!


Achref Cherif, tunisia

I am Achref Cherif, 22 years old. I'm a fourth year PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) student at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Monastir, Tunisia. Industrial pharmacy has always been my field of passion. I am also passionate about entrepreneurship, and I am looking forward to creating innovative projects based on my medical background.



A very curious Industrial Engineering Student from Tunisia, Passionate about continuous improvement and Engineering Management. Able to adapt to many environments, wear many hats and to take part in ambitious projects around my passion.


Aziz Ben Hadj Yahia, tunisia

Aziz was born and raised in Tunisia. He is a sophomore student studying Business Administration at Tunis Business School. In his free time, he loves reading stories the world has forgotten.


Rafael Falcão, brazil

Hey! My name is Rafael and I'm from Rio de Janeiro Brazil. I study English and Literature and I love the theaching field. I'm a very talkative person and I love meeting people. My favorite hobbies are singing, watching movies and drawing. I'm very excited to learn different things from everybody. See you!


Shraman Kumar Bohra, india

Hello everyone! I am Shraman Kumar Bohra from India. I am a Bachelor student of Science. I study Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology. I would like to take up Biochemistry in future. I like to indulge in various activities related to music.I like to sing. I also like to take part in various Co curricular programs. In my free time I take music classes for kids. I am a complete foodie! I like to experiment with various cuisines. Whenever it's possible, I like to check out new recipes and try making them. So that's me and my little world.

Fernanda Silva.jpg

Fernanda da Silva, brazil

I'm a Mechanical Engineering student and an enthusiast of technology and innovation, who closely follows the growth of concepts such as "Industry 4.0", "Big Data" and "Machine Learning". As a child, I used to prefer toys as cars that involved some ingenious system that dared me to understand them. At school, I ventured into contests involving creativity, logic and leadership - in 2005, I was a gold medalist in the first Public School Mathematics Olympiad (OBMEP) and was elected Councilor Mirin as the representative of my school. It was through some achievements that many doors opened at that time and I finally discovered engineering. During my academic life, I also have always been involved with extracurricular activities as in projects of entrepreneurship and leadership (movement of Junior companies - MEJ), academic researches in numerical simulations and I had the opportunity to study a part in Germany, which was fundamental for my academic, personal and professional development. Currently, I enjoy myself in finding out more about the engineering that involves the manufacture of real cars as an Analyst at BMW Group in Brazil and I look forward to the next challenges like the Studies of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) for Scholars Program!


Sofia Fuscaldi, brazil

Hello! My name is Sofia Fuscaldi, I’m from Minas Gerais, a state full of mountain ranges, many waterfalls and no sea in southeastern Brazil. Currently, I’m studying Jornalism at the Federal University of Ouro Preto and working on my undergraduate term paper project, an illustrated book on woman's everyday life to show the power of illustration within Communication area. In my free time, I like drawing, watching movies and series, and hanging out with my friends and family. Also, I am in love with pizza and cute pets. Since I can remember, traveling abroad and getting to know other cultures have been my greatest dreams. For me, this is the first opportunity to start making that dream true, so I’m really excited!


Amarachi Chukwu, nigeria

My name is Amarachi and Nigeria is home to me. I study English language and Literature at the American University of Nigeria. I love my literature and music. I love to sing, dance, and write stories or poems. Movies are my thing and so is sleeping. My major interests are Psychology, Photography, and Painting. I want to be a writer, an entrepreneur, and a psychologist. I love life and I am intrepid. There is more to me but you have to come close to see :)

Keshvi photo.jpg

Keshvi Nandu, India

Hello, my name is Keshvi Nandu, and I am studying at Ahmedabad University to get my degree in Bachelors of Business Administration. I was born and raised in Ahmedabad, India, in a small knit family. Academically, I am interested in majoring in finance. My vision is to start my own Venture Capital fund in future. Being part of a convent school has helped me understand the importance of discipline in one's life. One of my strengths is to lead. I have lead groups and committees over my school life and under-graduate level too. I started an Entrepreneurs' Club at my university. Through the entrepreneur's club, we try to build an ecosystem where young minds with unique business ideas have an exposure to the life of entrepreneurs and help imbibe the necessary skills to become a successful entrepreneur. Becoming the founding secretary of the club has helped me boost my confidence and I am able to present myself in a better manner. Being involved in various types of activities like management festivals, sports events and working closely in the field of entrepreneurship has helped me understand businesses with different perspectives. I am a member of the Rotaract club of Ahmedabad. It's main aim is to provide fellowship through social service. I like to interact with new people at every possible opportunity. I like swimming, painting, cooking and outdoor sports. Being a part of SUSI program, I wish to learn and understand things from different perspectives and look at issues from global view.


Odinaka Okemini, Nigeria

I am Odinaka Okemini and I’m a Nigerian, coming from from Ebonyi state. I am also a student majoring in Law in the American University of Nigeria. I have so many interests such as reading and writing novels and plays, playing games (any sort of games literally), a huge soccer fan and I love intellectual conversations with different people. I really love creating scenarios to test if it could happen in real life. I believe if there is a 5% possibility of am occurrence then such can happen. Nothing really is impossible.
I acknowledge that life is not as golden as should be, but that does not stop for excelling in everything I am passionate about. I love my life, family and friends and they inspire to do better. Ultimately, I am a really positive guy.


Laynne Maia, Brazil

My name is Laynne Maia, I'm 21 years old, and I'm from Brazil. I'm currently at my 7th semester of my International Relations major. I'm also an intern at a political consulting firm (mostly because I love studying the policy making and decision making process and intend to work in the advocacy field in the future).


Ashvin Zeta Joseph, India

Hi, I am Ashvin Zeta Joseph. I am from Hyderabad, a city in India. I am a student of B.A(Mass Communications). My subjects are Political Science, Mass Communication & Journalism, Communicative English and French. I have a great appreciation for literature and therefore I've been a life long bookworm. My first love is and will always be books! I am also an amateur writer. Poetry is definitely my favourite! I'm also trying my hand at journalism and have written some articles for the college paper. Currently, I'm experimenting with my first novel. The genre is a mix of gothic horror and psychology. It also has a pinch of history. I believe that writing and reading books are skills that help turn vision into reality. My muse is my dog- she is also known for her powerful critiquing techniques which include drooling all over my hard work and sometimes, chewing it lovingly.
I am also a huge theatre enthusiast. I have acted and directed in different plays. I love to be on stage, portraying different characters and convincing the audience of a completely new reality.
History has always fascinated me and has turned me into a history buff. I love a good tour of a museum or a historical site.
My other passions are friends, movies and food. I especially love meeting new people.

Muh. Wildan Teddy Bintang P. Has.jpg

Muh. Wildan Teddy Bintang P. Has, Indonesia

Muh. Wildan Teddy Bintang P. Has is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Law at Universitas Indonesia. Grew up witnessing violence against women and children has made him a feminist and an advocate for women’s rights. He has been actively involved in area of human rights since 2014 when he became a teaching volunteer for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
His passion towards women’s rights has inspired him to do something for community. Teddy was a legal service volunteer at LBH APIK Jakarta (a legal aid for gender justice) where he assisted clients who face violence. He also became a legal fellow at Justice Without Border whose job was assisting clients (migrant workers from Indonesia) to get compensation. He is also passionate in conducting research. He presented his paper about access to justice for indigenous people in the biennial Indonesian Judicial Reform Forum 2018. Recalling challenges faced by women, he is also passionate in the issue of poverty and climate justice. It has brought him to speak at Blue Carbon Summit 2018 about his research on impoverishment of fisherwomen in Jakarta. He is currently working with his team in HopeHelps, the first hotline center for sexual violence in campus in Indonesia, by supporting victims through psychological and legal supports. He is currently doing internship at Executive Office of the President of Republic of Indonesia by providing legal analysis and documentation in respect to land conflict in Indonesia. Teddy enjoys reading non-fiction and listening to Motown in his extra time.

Reza Aulia Akbar_Foto 3x4.jpg

Reza Aulia Akbar, Indonesia

Hello, my name is Reza Aulia Akbar from Industrial Engineering, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Indonesia. My academic concern in the fields of industrial engineering, ergonomics, and work system design. Within the Industrial Engineering Department ITS, I always try to reach my dreams through achievement contribution, organization, and active in social program. I have been reached 45 achievements in various fields, such as research, essay, product design, and business plan. In 2017, I received an award from the minister of transportation Republic of Indonesia, Budi Karya Sumadi, for my research project in Train Driver Fatigue-Drowsiness Detector. Because of my experiences, I decided to write a book entitled “Penelitian Ilmiah Remaja”. This book has spread over 700 copies in Indonesia.
I am also active in the organization. Now, I have a strategic position as the Head of Research and Technology Department in my campus. Furthermore, I am also active as a Trainer Keilmiahan “Inspirator” ITS to share knowledge and my experiences to ITS student. Since 2018, I am the founder of Science Hunter Indonesia, a Scientific and Research Community that helps youth in Indonesia to learn research and scientific paper writing. Now, Science Hunter has more than 15.000 members. Science Hunter and I have a dedication to providing science and research education to children in Sampang, Madura on September 2018. This program was supported by Badan Penelitian dan Pembangunan Daerah, Sampang. Through these social and education program, I managed to realize their dreams to join competition and become champions.


Abdulmalik Garba, Nigeria

Abdulmalik Garba is a final year student double-majoring in Economics and Petroleum Chemistry at the American University of Nigeria. He is a social entrepreneur that seeks to provide motorbike courier services in post insurgency northern Nigeria. At a time when insecurity has kept startups away from the region, he started a venture that envisions safety and security in Nigeria's Boko-Haram ravaged region. For the past 3 years, he has particularly been engaged in literacy and peace projects in Yola community. These include the Technology-Enhanced Learning for All (USAID funded) and the Reading and Numeracy Activity (UNICEF-funded). At his free time in school, he tutors disadvantaged pupils and write short-levelled stories for primary schools. Together with 6 other students, he also co-developed a countering violent extremism campaign, IAmABeliever (funded by US Department of State) which won first-place in Africa. Now with Nai2, the company he co-founded, he envisions to create value and make people and their properties secure in post-insurgency regions.