New Staff, Intern, & Program Assistant



Student Programs Coordinator

Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Degree: BA History & Russian Studies from Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont

Hi, I’m Michelle, I’m a foreigner everywhere I go, because my comfort zone is in being new to a place, living in transition. It comes from how I was raised, I moved every two to three years, constantly on the go. That is what defines my personality and also shaped my values and interests. FIUTS is a great job because I love engaging with all different types of people, and I’m driven towards citizen diplomacy. Events that are all about having fun can have deeper impact and it’s a natural process. It’s the way you have the best kind of interactions for understanding, the way they’re not forced. Not through politics, diplomacy, meaningful interactions happen through these interpersonal ways.



ICC Intern

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Year: Senior

Major: Economics: Behavioral

Hi, I am Misaki. I am a senior student from University of Keio in Japan. I've just started the internship at FIUTS to learn about how to facilitate events and leadership. I really like to travel and learn about different cultures by making friends from all over the world.  I am looking forward to talking with you about the cultures of your countries!

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Community Programs Assistant

Hometown: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China
Degree: Evans School of Public Policy and Governance (MPA) Graduate '18
Role at FIUTS: Homestay Program Assistant

Hi, I’m Chuan! Two years ago, I was a participant in the FIUTS Homestay Program. The family I stayed with welcomed me with enormous kindness and thoughtfulness. They became my long-time friends and mentors. Because of this beautiful experience, I always tried to find chances to get engaged in FIUTS; participating in events, becoming a facilitator, and now working at FIUTS! Starting a new life in a new country is exciting, yet intimidating. I’d love to do my best to help incoming international students mitigate the unease, like what FIUTS and my host family did for me. Can’t wait to finally meet you all!