October: A Month of Hiking Adventures

In the month of October, FIUTS organized four hikes around Washington state, taking students anywhere from Mount Rainier to Bridal Veil Falls to Lake 22, and more!

Hike #1: Paradise, Mount Rainier National Park

Two groups of 40 participants each went to Mount Rainier to enjoy a day of hiking, and they were given several opportunities to explore different areas of the mountain. From Reflection Lake, to Panorama Point, to Myrtle Falls, Mount Rainier National Park offered spectacular views with both Autumn colors and plenty of snow!

Hike #2: Grad Students and Scholars go to Snow Lake

Snow Lake is a moderately difficult hike on Snoqualmie Pass with a big payoff (a gorgeous view). The well maintained trails of Snow Lake end with stunning views of the lake, thereby making it one of the most popular and most visited hikes in Washington state!

Hike #3: Undergrads and IELP Students go to Lake 22

The curiously named Lake Twenty Two (Lake 22) is the center of an oasis of alpine wetland nestled on the northern shoulder of Mount Pilchuck. The hike to the lake combines the best of mountain rainforests, old growth, wetlands, and mountain views, yet it is readily accessible!

Hike #4: Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls

Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls provided a great view to participants of nearby Mt. Index combined with an intensive hike involving stairs, beautiful scenery, and water!