Faces of FIUTS: Bud Bard

Faces of FIUTS: Bud Bard


Bud Bard worked as a FIUTS director from 1967 to 1972.  He shared his personal and professional journey with us:

Where are you from?

My mother and dad lived in Lake Forest Park, Washington in a log cabin that he had built; and where I was born in 1933. My wife, Molly and I have lived in Lake Forest Park since 1979 and I consider this home, as well as the State of Washington.

What’s your FIUTS story?

Molly and I were married in 1959 when I was working for Puget Sound Title Insurance in Seattle and the company’s president, Kenneth Klepser, who loved to travel, encouraged us to travel and spend a year in Europe. He said “ you can have your job back when you return”.

When we came back I continued to work and finished an MA in Russian at the UW plus 30 credits in Higher Education. One of my instructors, Professor Larry Brammer, who was familiar with FIUTS, suggested I apply for a position at the UW’s Office of International Services. Fortunately I was hired as a Foreign Student Advisor, and FIUTS Director from 1967 to 1972.

How will you change the world?

Between my early mentors Klepser and Brammer and my formative experience as FIUTS Director, I was encouraged to found the American Cultural Exchange, a nonprofit company involved in international education, in 1973. I continued in my voluntary activities in local organizations, such as the Ethnic Heritage Council. I now am the President of the Seattle Sister Cities Association.

Bud was happy to note that he just celebrated his 85th birthday, plays tennis, and loves a nice walk. Thank you for giving so much to the international community at FIUTS and in Seattle, Bud!