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Faces of FIUTS: Bud Bard

Bud Bard (center) is one of those people who never stops giving, and I’m grateful that he helped to guide FIUTS into the organization it is today. For our Faces of FIUTS blog post this week, we’re featuring a previous Executive Director of FIUTS who is steadfast in his passion and service for the international community in Seattle.


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Faces of FIUTS: Asish Thakur

Our participation in the US Department of State Study of the US Institute (SUSI) encourages leadership and cross-cultural understanding in many parts of our globe. From Southern Asian to Southern African nations, participants come to the US to gain leadership skills and develop projects that matter to their communities at home. We are lucky to have these leaders from around the globe come to visit us in Seattle, and leave us with hope that change is possible.

The kinds of projects that SUSI develops are long-term and enact real change in their community. As part of our Global Development theme this month, we want to update you on several of these amazing leaders and their work. Learn about one of our 2016 leaders from Nepal in this week’s "Faces of FIUTS,” and stay tuned for more!

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