Spring 2018 Photo Contest Winner

The students of the FIUTS Leadership Committee have selected the winner of their quarterly photo contest. Photos were considered on the basis of the quality of the photo and its connection to FIUTS. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos!

Congratulations to our winner, CJay Hon!

Venturing Out

Venturing Out - CJay Hon.JPG

"This was taken during the Olympic Global Getaway trip and reminds me of the way that so much about FIUTS is based on one's willingness to take risks and grab opportunities despite whether or not you're doing it with close friends. It takes on a form of trust that the destination will be worth it, as seen here as students from different backgrounds find themselves exploring the beach after traveling a hundred miles from the comfort of Seattle, mutually walking towards the waves and embracing the moment they find themselves in. Not strangers uncommon but new acquaintances who now have stories to share."