Apply for the FIUTS Student Board

Current members share what they’ve learned as part of the FIUTS Student Board and why you should apply!


Sunny Cai, President

“Being on the FIUTS Student Board, I learned how non-profit organization works, and I'm able to apply my knowledge in my internship with a non-profit organization.”

Simran Bhatia, Vice President and Leadership Co-Chair

“Being part of the FIUTS Student Board is an extremely enriching experience! With hard-working members and a supportive staff, there is no other place that inspires me to be a better person every day.”

Maddie Kusnadi, Secretary and Marketing Co-Chair

“Through FIUTS, I was able to hone my communication skills, boost my self-esteem, and learn to lead a marketing committee. The cross-cultural experiences have helped me in many ways, from public speaking to gaining a sense of belonging. I've learned to step out of my comfort zone and into a world of adventures and opportunities.”

Amber Wu, Marketing Co-Chair

"Being a part of the FIUTS Student Board has benefited my personal growth immensely through opportunities to be part of a large non-profit organization. I got to learn more about myself as a person and my fellow Student Board members, their experiences, and their culture, which helped me gain a better understanding of cross-cultural exchange and the world."

Yuxuan Chen, Leadership Co-Chair

“I really enjoyed great opportunities FIUTS brought to me, from doing colorful activities, being a facilitator to serving as a Student Board member. This year, I learned more about the non-profit organization and I am passionate to make a difference.”

Nico Pronin, Fundraising Co-Chair

“With FIUTS I was able to further develop my ability to work with different kinds of people towards a common goal, through a smart and friendly community.”

Mayuree Binjolkar, GPSS Representative

“Through FIUTS, I was able to understand the need for an organizational structure that aims to bring communities together and make it a part of university culture. I learnt about leadership and communication skills that are needed in a non-profit organizational setting and then can help in addressing important issues.”

Amanda Bai, CulturalFest Performance Co-Chair

“Being a part of Student Board, I practiced my leadership and communication skills. I had the great opportunity to work with people from all over the world. It was really cool to learn about their cultures and build my cross-cultural communication skills.”

Kenji Lam, ASUW Representative

“Being on the FIUTS Student Board this year has taught me valuable skills in cross-cultural communication.”

Molly Ye, Global Gala Co-Chair

“FIUTS Student Board is the place where I got to work with people from a great variety of cultural background, and thus truly being able to practice and advance my communication skills not only as a member of a team, but also as a leader of a committee. It taught me to cherish every opportunity of working with different people.”

Jingyao Shao, Global Gala Co-Chair

"Working at FIUTS is a truly rewarding experience. This is the place where I can learn and grow. As a Student Board member, I developed my leadership skills and met so many wonderful people here. It was also super great to learn how a nonprofit organization works."

Join us! Applications are open until April 3!