CulturalFest Countdown: Meet Sangeet Moksha

The CulturalFest Performance Showcase on February 10 will feature 10 performing artists and groups who will share cultures from around the world on the Meany Hall stage. Learn more about one of this year’s CulturalFest performers, Sangeet Moksha.


How did your group begin? Tell us a little bit of your story.


Sangeet Moksha is a unique, multicultural band based in Seattle, Washington. The members of the band have all come together through their practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation in their daily lives and that quality is reflected in their art.


Whether fast and rhythmical or laid back and meditative, the one constant is the joy of the music and this joy is what unites and motivates the musicians.


What do you hope the audience will take away from your performance?


The magic of the group comes from the dynamic energy produced when musicians, with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, join together with one common goal – to share music that is joyful and uplifting. The range of vocal styles and instruments reflects the band’s diversity.


By the end of our performance, we hope that the audience will feel a powerful, instantaneous state of thoughtless awareness where the mind is calm and everyone feels like dancing together in a celebration of sound.


What do you hope they will learn about the cultures that your performance represents?


The more we meditate, the more peaceful we feel inside. It is as simple as that, and Sahaja Yoga Meditation makes this experience easy for us to achieve. To facilitate this state of meditation, Sangeet Moksha utilizes uplifting, soothing and spiritual music to connect the audience to this inner state of joy.


Is there anything else you would like people to know about your performance?


Our group will be singing traditional songs in three different languages from India: Urdu, Marathi, and Hindi. The instruments include a harmonium, tabla, guitar, clarinet, and flute.