CulturalFest Countdown: Meet UW Salsa Club

We're getting close to the CulturalFest Performance Showcase on February 10! Learn more about one of this year's performers, the UW Salsa Club.



Tell us a little bit of your story.


The Salsa Club officers of today are all previous club members, who all learned to dance within the club. Some of us had previous dance experience, some of us just showed up to the first class of the quarter on a whim, all of us stuck around because we just love salsa (or mambo) and other Latin dances.


What do you hope the audience will take away from your performance? What do you hope they will learn about the cultures that your performance represents?


We hope that we can effectively communicate to our audience the vibrance, enthusiasm, and warmth that comes with a dance like salsa. Beyond simply entertaining, we aim to make a genuine connection with the audience and, ultimately, invite them to dance with us!


Is there anything else you would like people to know about your performance?


We would like the audience to know that this choreography was created solely by UW Salsa Club officers.


Learn more about the UW Salsa Club on Facebook, and come see their performance on February 10!