Custom Programs


FIUTS' Cross-Cultural Leadership Programs

offer groups from around the world short-term, custom designed leadership training experiences. FIUTS programs can be tailored to fit high schools, universities, junior colleges, or company-sponsored groups, and provide an unforgettable experience in language and culture.

Program Objectives:

  • To give the participants an opportunity to learn about Seattle, the University of Washington, and the United States.
  • To offer English language training that improves comprehension and spoken English skills in conjunction with teachers and students.
  • To provide participants opportunities for challenge and growth.
  • To offer a wide variety of experiences that promote cross- cultural understanding and the development of leadership skills.



FIUTS' Mission

is to connect students to local and global communities, and as such, uses a dynamic multi-cultural approach to training. Participants in FIUTS Cross-Cultural Leadership Programs have the unique opportunity to develop their communication skills and discuss leadership issues while sharing a broad range of experiences.

Download the custom programs information sheet here.

    For more information on FIUTS custom programs or to request a formal program proposal, please contact the Executive Director.



    Entry into the United States


    Please note that FIUTS does not handle international travel arrangements or provide visas for entry to the United States. Please contact your local US consulate or embassy for details of entry requirements to the United States.

    FIUTS custom programs provide both educational instruction and recreation for short term visitors, and as such, groups should apply to visit the US on a B1 or B2 visa. Using this visa, participants are permitted to enroll in any course of study less than 18 hours per week and to travel within the US for tourist purposes. FIUTS does not issue I-20 forms, but will work with your group to provide proof of program admission and participation as necessary to apply for travel documents.