Facilitator Corner: Kendrick Li

FIUTS Facilitators are student leaders from all over the world who welcome new international students, help organize events, and lead activities for hundreds of students each quarter. Read on to find out more about the FIUTS facilitator experience from Kendrick Li.

Kendrick, third from left

Kendrick, third from left

Name: Kendrick (Qijun) Li    
Major: Biostatistics
Class: PhD
FIUTS Facilitator Since: Summer 2018


This is my third year in Seattle. When I’m free, I love reading fantasy novels, watching cartoons, and listening to podcasts. As a compensation of the somewhat monotonous graduate study, I seek every opportunity to meet different people and go to different places. While enjoying being alone, I cherish every moment surrounded by friends.

What does it mean to be a FIUTS facilitator?

When I recounted the most memorable experiences in UW, a large part of them are related to FIUTS –- the international student orientation events assured me that I was not alone and that I’d always have support, the cultural conversation groups gave me a chance to practice conversational English and appreciate the richness of different cultures, and various tours around Seattle led me exploring different aspects of this beautiful city.

Last summer I expected I was going to have more free time, and the idea of becoming a FIUTS facilitator came into my mind. I wished I could share with others the happiness and support I’d gained from FIUTS.

As a somewhat introverted person from a non-English speaking country, being a facilitator entails more effort on my side. I have to frequently remind myself to overcome my shyness and be more engaging. It’s something I’m still constantly working on.


Favorite FIUTS anecdote as a facilitator

Before the fall quarter I facilitated several FIUTS events during new student orientation. There I got to know several then incoming Biostats students, whom I met later again at the FIUTS barbecue in Gas Works Park. It’s amazing because two years ago, FIUTS barbecue was where I knew and made my first few friends in my department. Memories connected to these two barbecues can always cheer me up.

How have you grown as a leader through being a facilitator?


Perhaps the competency I’ve grown the most in through being a facilitator is that I learned the importance of celebrating people as an individual. People in FIUTS all have beautiful stories of their own. And despite various cultural background, their best inner qualities –- courage, kindness, righteousness, etc. –- are equally valuable and equally worth celebration and appreciation.

Tips/comments for peer facilitators

Being a relatively new facilitator myself, perhaps the best piece of advice I can give is -- seek advice and instructions from your peer facilitators or FIUTS staff ! They’ve always been helpful and willing to give me advice on dealing with difficult situations.