CulturalFest Countdown: Meet Rae Wong

UW sophomore Rae Wong will be back at the CulturalFest Performance Showcase on February 2 to share her elegant classical Chinese dance. Learn more about our only soloist at this year’s showcase.

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How did you begin as a performer?

I began dancing at a young age, but I never really enjoyed it. It was more of an activity that my mom forced me to do. It wasn’t until I was 13 when I started to dance at the Hengda Dance Academy and really started to fall in love with dance. Since then, I’ve performed at community events as well as national and international competitions.

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What is the significance of your performance in connecting you to your own culture?

My passion for classical Chinese dance has taught me more about Chinese culture, including Chinese values as well as historical background. It has also incited my interest in learning more and delving even deeper into my own culture.

What has performing in past CulturalFests meant to you? What can the audience expect to be different this year?

Performing at CulturalFest last year was a huge honor for me, because I was given the opportunity to share a piece of my culture as well as my passion for dance on stage with everyone. This year my performance will be a bit different because it touches upon a particular social issue regarding women’s value in society. It’s not immediately evident. There’s a lot of subtly as demonstrated by certain small gestures and facial expressions, and I think that’s what makes this particular piece really beautiful and different from last year. The more you look into it, the more information you’ll find.

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Is there anything else you would like people to know about your performance?

The setting is set during dynastic times, and the woman is in her room with a single window to look out of. In her hand is a mirror and her red lips are also a prominent symbol in this dance piece.

Learn more about Rae on Facebook, and come see her performance on February 2!


General admission tickets are on sale now for $15 online or in the FIUTS office (HUB 206). Kids 10 and under are free (a child ticket is required). Discounted student tickets are available for $10 in advance ($15 at the door).