Faces of FIUTS: Meet Chinara



Board of Trustees Member

Faces of FIUTS is a social media campaign that collects personal stories from individuals who are part of our work. This week, meet Chinara!

Where are you from?
Originally from Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, I came to the United States for school and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. After living in Seattle for over 9 years, I feel lucky to call it home. 

What's your FIUTS story?
I was introduced to FIUTS through a FIUTS Youth Leadership Program that my friend was helping organize many years ago. A group of visiting students from Azerbaijan were attentively listening to a workshop on importance of developing relationships, networking and grit. Afterwards, students joined a reception which gathered professionals from various fields for the students to try their new skills in a safe, supportive environment. Seeing this real impact that day has turned me into a fan of FIUTS.

How will you change the world?
I would like to use technology to improve lives and provide people around the world with access to economic and educational opportunities. With innovations, especially in the field of artificial intelligence and challenges, such as climate change and growing inequality, it is important to involve as many talented people from different industries, countries and backgrounds as possible.


Chinara is a Technology Manager at Google. She has served on the FIUTS Board of Trustees since 2016.

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