Faces of FIUTS: Meet Abdulrahman

Faces of FIUTS is a social media campaign that collects personal stories from individuals who are part of our work. This week, meet Abdulrahman!


Where are you from?

I’m from Saudi Arabia. My hometown is Dammam, in the east, but my family is from Jeddah in the west. There are different cultures and accents within Saudi Arabia. I think part of global citizenship is being aware of different cultures, even within the same country.


What's your FIUTS story?

At my university in Saudi Arabia, I was active with student groups and with scouting – I represented my country in Japan at a scouting event with 40,000 people from 169 countries. I like to work with international people and work for change, so when I came here I looked for an organization to help me reach these goals. When I came to the UW, I found FIUTS, and was a photographer at CulturalFest in 2017. Then I became a member of the leadership committee. I’m really proud of being a part of FIUTS.


How will you change the world?

My main goal is to focus on youth empowerment. I like to work with students to share my experience, which is why I plan to be a teacher at a university. I’ve read a lot about youth empowerment and how to enable youth to be more active and how to be leaders in their communities, because that will make the world better by helping solve their countries’ problems with issues like education or the environment.




Abdulrahman Faden is a UW International and English Language Programs student who came to the University of Washington in Fall 2016. He is a transportation engineering major who has been a FIUTS Facilitator, Pen Pal, and member of the leadership committee.