Faces of FIUTS: Meet Molly

Faces of FIUTS is a social media campaign that collects personal stories from individuals who are part of our work. This week, meet Molly!




Where are you from?

I was born in a southern city in China, but I grew up in Beijing so Beijing is where I consider my real home.


What's your FIUTS story?

FIUTS focuses a lot on cultural exchange and building intercultural bonds. What FIUTS does is more for others than for itself. Everyone is welcomed to help and contribute to make every event become better. That feeling of genuine kindness is what keeps me here.


How will you change the world?

To me, I feel like making people happy and connected with each other is the easiest and most straightforward way to make the world a better place. My intended major is marketing and I wish to use that knowledge, together with event planning skills that I learned, and am still learning, in FIUTS to create more events that could help people enjoy their life more.






Zhijing (Molly) Ye is a freshman with sophomore standing who intends to major in business, specifically marketing. She has participated in FIUTS Global Ambassador Day, CulturalFest Committee and Marketing Committee.