Faces of FIUTS: Meet Aaron

Faces of FIUTS is a social media campaign that collects personal stories from individuals who are part of our work. This week, meet Aaron!

Where are you from?
I was born in Detroit, but grew up in Sammamish, Wa. I also consider Pullman, Washington and Taiwan my "other homes" as I studied in both places in high school. My mother was born in Ukraine and my father was born in Taiwan, so I am quite the multi-cultural mix!

What's your FIUTS story?
My roommate from China invited me to a FIUTS trip to Green Lake, and he introduced me to a bunch of students involved with FIUTS. Joining FIUTS has given me the opportunity to meet incredible people from across the world. Being able to travel, dance, eat, and interact with people that have different experiences has shown me other ways to look at the world around me. Not only that, I have a great group of friends from my FIUTS outings and events that I am very thankful for!

How will you change the world?
I enjoy learning about cultures as well as technology, so I am hoping to combine these interests to help people. I particularly want to work on bio-technologies related to robotics and AI that can help people live better lives no matter where they are in the world. The skills I am developing now in college, including multi-cultural awareness, will hopefully help me achieve this goal!


Aaron Su is a sophomore at the University of Washington, studying Computer Science and Engineering with Interdisciplinary Honors. He has been a FIUTS Facilitator since Fall 2016 and is involved in the FIUTS Connections program.

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